Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Care For My Midas Beauty Lashes?

Mink lashes are known for their durability and superior quality which is why you will want to take the time to proper care for your lashes. As long as you don’t put mascara or any other products directly on the Midas Beauty mink 100% lashes fur strands, they will last a long time and remain as reusable eyelashes, making your mink eyelash care a breeze. Eyeline on the lashes base is OK as it will wash off when you clean you Midas Beauty 100% mink lash strip after each use. REMOVING GLUE Remove the eyelash glue as promptly as possible after taking off the Midas Beauty 100% mink strip lashes. The longer the lash strip sits on the lash tray uncleaned, the stickier and gooyer it will become, making it more difficult to remove the glue residue later on. After washing your hands with fragrance-free and paraben-free soap or cleanser, use a Q-tip
dabbed in water or water-based makeup remover over the lash band to help loosen the lash glue optional]. Allow it to soak for several seconds. With the lash glue loosened, the false eyelashes should now be relatively easy to peel off. Gently take a corner of the lash band and gently pull off the lash strip Do not pull by the mink hairs as to avoid accidentally ripping the individual mink lash strands off the handmade band. Peel off gently to avoid damaging your own lashes. Use a pointed tweezer to very gently remove any excess glue from the lashes after every wear. Store you lashes on its tray to retain its shape. HOW TO CLEAN Cleaning your mink lashes for reuse requires your attention. To help preserve the natural-looking shaggy curl of the mink lash tips. Place the eyelash onto your index finger so that the lash tips wrap around the finger to maintain their curl. Carefully rinse the lash band with water. Try not to get any water on your Midas Beauty 100% mink eyelash tips as to help preserve the lash curl. Using a wet Q tip will help prevent extra water from accidentally getting on the shaggy mink lash tips. Lastly, store your Midas Beauty 100% mink lashes in the original Midas Beauty lash tray for reshaping and continuous wear. Keep lash tray closed to prevent bacteria and dust from settling on your luxurious false eyelashes. AVOID WATER Midas Beauty 100% mink lashes are NOT waterproof and with any significant amount of water the lashes will start to come off, not to mention the mink fur will lose its shape. Please avoid soaking your mink lashes in water. Getting the lashes wet will damage the shapes and curls of your lashes. We suggest not to use mascara, especially waterproof mascara. This can damage the mink hair. If you want to use mascara place it on you real lashes before applying the Midas Beauty 100% mink lashes. AVOID USING CHEMICALS Using any makeup remover or any harsh chemicals/oil will ruin the quality of the fur and will limit the usage of your 100% mink lashes. Any oil residue will inevitably repel your eyelash glue from sticking to your Midas Beauty 100% mink lashes when you apply. It will ruin the shine and damage the shapes and curls. Also, don’t forget to read your other eye makeup product labels to ensure they do not contain oil.

What Are "Refurbshed Wigs"?

Refurbished wigs are wigs that have been reviewed by our CEO on her youtube channel for a video. Every wig we post has a video associated with it for you to go watch and make judgement on hair quality, and all videos are availiable at Per our policy all wigs have been worn for under 48 hours at a time and ONLY by Pretty My. Refurbished wigs will be shipped in the original companies boxes and are not subject to returns or refunds.

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